The Fictorians

Evan Braun

Evan Braun FictorianEvan Braun has been writing stories since the age of five, but for propriety’s sake he prefers to forget anything he wrote before 2010. Though well-intentioned, those stories, like so many things in life, should never see the light of day.

He recently wrote and published The Book of Creation, a supernatural fantasy in the vein of Indiana Jones and The DaVinci Code. He’s an author who doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed by genre, however, so he also writes science fiction and urban fantasy.

Before making the transition to prose, he wrote many, many screenplays. He has worked as a freelance editor and ghost writer for several years, and his background is in broadcast journalism. Self-employed, he lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where life is . . . mostly quiet.

The Book of Creation can currently be purchased for Kindle here.


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