Guest Bloggers A – L

Anderson, Kevin J            Outside, in the Office

Avila, Julie Ann                  Once Upon a Fairy Tale

Becket, Matthew       Great Expectations

Bennett, JJ                        Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Berger, Lou J.      In the Company of Giants           Meeting Summer Goals (or Not)

Berthiaume, Heidi          Social Networking Sites and You         What If?

Bilodeau, Marie       Love Your Cannon Fodder  Planning a Book Launch Party

Black, Alice               Web Design Hell

Boone, M. Scott   Basics of Copyright   Intellectual Property – What Is It?  Harry and Ginny, Book and Movie  Option and Right of Refusal in Book Contracts

Boop, David     Killing Your Muse with No Saving Throws Left

Bowen, Gail      The Elements of a Good Mystery   well-known Canadian mystery author with a long running series  (Ann)

Braithwaite, Daniel        Good Characters Drive Good Stories

Brandt, Gerald                Never Pitch to an Editor in the Bathroom

Brawner, Jessica            Don’t Throw The Game For One Goal

Bucheger, Monique     The Blind Side     Ginnie West Cover Reveal Extravaganza! (Book Promo)

Buller, Tom      Game Mechanics and Story Structure

Cole, Myke      The Gaming Influence   Capturing that Military Feeling

Conteur, Darke   Finding Strength in Weakness

Cori, Michelle BBuilding My Tribe

Corres, J. Nathaniel     A writers tale, perspective on success, failure and living the dream

Cross, Katie  Putting Together a Book Tour

Cummins, Ann   Book Reviewing in the Trenches

Dalglish, David     The Triumph of the Dalglish: How I Sold 200k Novels While Not Knowing Squat

Dandridge, Doug   Marketing 101

DiLouie, Craig  What Makes Good Horror?    excellent horror writer   (Ann)

Dudley, Karen     A Hangman’s Tale

Edstrom, Eric   It Worked, It Failed – Lessons Learned in Indie Publishing

Ellinger, Jordan   Coming Up in the Trenches

Farland, David   The Future of Publishing Is Self-Publishing   Those Writerly Moments      David Farland’s Kick in the Pants—Building Characters

Fitzpatrick, Sandra      Partnership Considerations
Tax and business management adviser to writers and small business. Fantasy writer. (Ann)

Fogarty, Mignon     “OK,” “Okay,” and How to Deal with Other Troublesome Style Choices   Social Media Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Newbie                Well-Used Words

Fondren, Natasha        Maximizing the Potential of Your eBook

Forest, Susan    Using the Tools of Both Literary and Commercial Fiction novelist, short story writer, editor for EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy publications, teaches sci fi and fantasy writing  (Ann)

Frater, Rhiannon       Pretty When She . . .

Galler-Smith, Barbara        A History Lover’s Thoughts on Historical Research  The Druid Trilogy, Historical fiction and science fiction. Editor at On Spec magazine (science fiction and fantasy)  (Ann)

Genesse, Paul       Haunted Hospital

Golden, Sean    Getting Noticed

Greening, Martin      The Beginnings of the Quest

Grey, Megan  Writing Friends   Getting Lost in Pan’s Labyrinth  The Benefits of Sibling Rivalry     My Computer is Trying to Destroy Me (And Other Writing Fears)

Greyson, Jen Dispelling the Myths: Part One, Part Two (Interview)   Editors: Freelance v. In-house

Groening, Amy       They Do Things Differently There

Hades, Brian       Are You in the Business of Being YOU?  (Ann)

Heisey, Holly    Do I Really Have to Write Every Day?

Helmer, Tiffinie      Writing for Love and Murder

Helmigh, Suzanne     From an Artist’s Point of View

Herbert, Brian         The Holy Grail of Creativity

Hewlett, Holly Dawn   The Gift of Fortitude The Written Word in a Digital World: The Value of Social Media to Your Writing Career

Heyman, David     Petting the Dog in Space

Hildebrandt, Aaron Scott   From Zork to Halo and Back Again, Part 1 & 2

Hoyt, Sarah   What’s in a Genre?

Ikenberry, Kevin Based on a True Story

Klarbrunn, Petra  The Importance of Reviews. The Importance of Author Mentors. Mixing Horror with Other Genres. Halloween Flash Fiction Participant.

Knight, Sam Now What?  A Smile and a Handshake  Storytelling Lessons from the King    Fail to Win

Koch, Gini   Gini Koch: Why I Like Traditional Publishing

Laycraft, Adria     Writing Stories That Matter Editing services (From Paper to Pixels). Fantasy and science fiction writer. Several short stories published. (Ann)

Lefebvre, Mark Leslie How to Get Noticed on Kobo

Leslie, Mark Notes to My Younger Self

Levine, David D     The Wonder of Fantasy   Tor author and winner of the Hugo award; science fiction and fantasy. (Ann)

Lindsey, Brenda   U.S. Taxes: Things to Keep in Mind Parts 1 & 2

Lyris, Sonia Oris Will Build Worlds for Spare Change