Guest Bloggers M-Z

Mangum, Lisa What I Know Now For the Love of Words First Comes Like  The Mr. Potato Head Analogy

Mangum, Tracy Sex and the Screenplay For the Love of the Screenplay

Martinez, Gama Perfectly Harmless Lake Flies

McCarter, Amanda When You’ve Got Support Failure Is Not An Option

McCarter, Robert J. My Close Encounter

McCharles, Randy How do Conventions Choose Their Guests?

McIsaac, Jodi Marketing on Amazon
Best selling Amazon author. (Ann)

McLean, Laurie Literary Agents in the New Publishing Era
Larsen Pomoda Literary Agents (Ann) no random contacts requested

McLeroy, Stephan Blogs and Your Cash: Thoughts on Starting a Bog and Where Your Money Should Go Struggling to Define Love

Miller, Jennifer The Write Illustrator

Millholland, Billie  The Maker Spirit of Steampunk Steampunk, science fiction (Ann)

Morgan, Kelly Ann Reevaluating, Reorganizing & Recommiting to Your Goals

Morrey, Josh When to Walk That Extra Touch

Morris,Victoria What I Found in Forrester Threads in a Tapestry Hidden in a Dash

Muir, LL YA Romance – Niche Within a Genre

Munteanu, Nina Overcome Your Deepest Fear Author: science fiction, fantasy. Ecologist. Author coach and writing teacher. Non-fiction: The Fiction Writer:Get Published, Write Now! (Ann)

Nelson, S. James From Crap to Craft Abandon All (Unreasonable) Hope

Oden, Scott Weaving a Tapestry of Words: the Art of the Ancient Historical

Odell, Terry Audio Books: The How and Why of it All

Onia, Al Writing What I Like To Read
prolific science fiction short story writer, published novelist (Ann)

Orin, James Grounding Your Story in Reality

Owen, James A. How Synchronicity Works (For Me)

Owen, Jess Kickstarter – The Indie Author’s New Secret Weapon

Owen, Jesse Typography: A Tale of Two Covers

Paxson, Holly Libraries & Writers Groups: A Partnership made in Reader Heaven

Payne, John D Consistency, All About Attitude

Peters, Sherry Conventions: Not Just for Gamers and Coplayers  A Mountain of Goals, Part Two A Mountain of Goals, Part One

Peterson, Leah Marketing Your Books, or How to Hope You Know What You’re Doing

Peterson, Matt Fearing to Attempt

Pettway, Kevin Six Reasons Not to Turn Your Role-Playing Game into a Novel

Reddy, Shelley Take Me to Your Weeder

Tim Reynolds. May 2015.

Riddell, Rob Just a Moment

Roberts, Jonathan Here There Be Dragons: Maps in Fiction

Rockwell, Marsheila Tie-in Fiction

Rothman, Michael Writing in Our World Instead of Another Putting Together an Indie Novel: From Concept to Completion, Part I & II

Russell, Anton Identify Yourself

Russell, KJ Make Friends, Be Useful, Get Noticed

Ruva, Nick Being Creative While Working a Full-Time Job

Sanchez, Stone Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz – Beats of Timing Myths and Legends in Anime The Anime Effect

Sanderson, Brandon Brandon Sanderson Dishes on Publishing (Interview)

Sawatzky, Brenda I May Not Be Annie Oakley

Schneider, Jo Ann Boxes, Holes, and Plugs, Oh My!

Schemerhorn, Bobbi It Will Not Always Be Easy

Shelley, Rebecca  Facing the Blank Page

Simon, Joshua Dos and Don’ts of Working with an Editor

Smith, Dean Wesley Stop Being In A Hurry

Stallworthy, Bob What Can a Poet Say to a Fiction Writer About Writing? poet (Ann)

Sullivan, Patrick The Potential of Daydreams

Summers, Celina Different Paths to Publishing

Swatzky, Brenda Inspiration by Imitation Towanda! Virtual Virtuoso

Swenson, Patrick The Heart of Fairwood Press SF author pub with Tor; publisher of Fairwood Press; runs Rainforest Writers Retreat; (Ann)

Sykes, Sam Cultivating Fanatacism Sam Sykes and Japanese Role Playing Games

Terrell, Ramon Moments That Make Me Love Being An Author

Thompson, Joseph Some of My Best Friends Are Editors

Torgersen, Brad On Not Quitting

Karen Traviss (not Superstars) – April 2015 – Karen has asked to keep her email confidential but she is my (Mary Pletsch’s) contact

Trenholm, Hayden Science Fiction: Our Conversation with the Future
Published SF writer; owner of Bundoran Press (SF) (Ann)

Van Pelt, James Pluck, Pity Parties and Prose – What I Like Best and What Doesn’t Work Prolific short story writer, award winner, teacher, workshop leader; SF, Fantasy, Fiction (Ann)

Villalba, Mary The Monster Looms

Wacks, Peter Own Your Choices

Wells, Dan What is Horror? Really? Why Revising is a good thing.

Wharton, James The Tricky Art of Goal Setting

Wilde, Heidi The Solitary Life of a Writer

Yardley, Mercedes M. Love and Murder: A Valentine’s Day Tale Your First Hate Mail: How Life Can Change After Working for a Magazine

Zelevansky, Nora NaNo NaNo