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Adventures in Zookeeping

Adventures in Zookeeping, an anthology that will support MileHiCon Denver with the net proceeds, was released on October 28, 2016.

Adventures in Zookeeping CoverAt MileHiCon 47, several authors, publishers, and editors headed a panel called So You Want to Be in an Anthology? The audience selected the theme for the anthology, and only the people who attended the panel were eligible to submit short stories for publication. The authors would experience having their manuscript run through the editing process and receiving a contract.

ISBN: 978-1-62225-198-8
Cover design by Sam Knight
Available on Amazon now, with other markets and eBooks to follow.

The Contributors:

Edited by Sam Knight

  • Foreword – Sam Knight
  • Zookeeper’s Dilemma – Beverly Coutts
  • Eternity’s Ark – J.L. Zenor
  • The Jeweled Black Quaver – C.S. Peterson
  • Bound by Death – Ashley Vasquez
  • Picket Line – Sheila Hartney
  • The Corpse Flower – Carolyn Kay
  • So Who Would You Tell? – Aylah Foureste & Deena Larsen
  • The Niwotlei Fund Raiser – Ian Brazee-Cannon
  • Nightmare Menagerie – Jessica Lauren Gabarron
  • Plant a Zoo & Watch It Grow – Aaron Spriggs
  • The Menace of Markenshire – N. Alan Miller
  • Love Hunters – Rod Spurgeon
  • Ari’s Song – Rick Duffy
  • All in a Day’s Work – Tonya L. De Marco
  • Sanctuary – Susan Adams
  • A Tale of an African Zoo – Sean Jones
  • The Glass Fairy – Sage Gabarron
  • The Lost Phoenix – Jodi M. Franklin
  • The Looking Glass – Patrick F. Smythe
  • The ReligioZoo – Lisa Mahoney
  • The Fourth Lemur – Sarena Ulibarri
  • Monsters of Yesterday – Alicia Cay
  • Afterword – Guy Anthony De Marco