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Cinnamon Toast on Mars

This was so much fun! I’ve written flash fiction before but never at precisely 55 words.

I must admit, I was daunted, But, I was determined to do it. Why?

Because I remember Kevin J. Anderson saying that when he started out in his writing career, he never turned down an assignment. Now, I live by those words, even when starting a task I’m not sure about. As writers, we have the best job in the world, one which feeds our imagination and intellect, and keeps us as amazed as a kid pressing her face against the candy store window. Research, thought, and writing the article or prose – that must always be our mantra.

So, here is my first ever double nickel:

“Cinnamon toast on Mars, that’s my third wish.”


“Yes. I always wanted to experience Martian Bob’s café.”

The genie waved his arms and cinnamon toast smells envelope me.

“Cinnamon toast for table three,” someone says.

Frescoes swirl on walls and ceiling, and windows flash Martian vistas.

“Your order, ma’am.”

Spikey blue tendrils grab me.

Now, my writing friends, it’s your turn!