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June: Publishing Month

Here at The Fictorian Era, we have something of a motley crew, a bunch of writers at all stages of their careers.  Some of us have been writing for only a couple of years, others for many years.  Some are published in a variety of formats, others are still trying to get a foot in the door.  Some are pursuing the traditional route, others are more interested in the indie path.

Not all that many years ago, the traditional path was the only legitimate publishing option.  Within traditional, the options were to go with a major publishing house – the New York Big 6 – or a small publishing house.  Self-publishing wasn’t an option if a writer wanted respect, readers, or an income.  Epublishing changed all that.  Self-publishing – or indie as it tends to be referred to – is becoming more and more of a real option.  We’ve heard the success stories.  We’ve seen writers who originally self-published go on to sign contracts with traditional publishing houses.  And we’re seeing the stigma of self-publishing fade away.

During June, we’re exploring publishing options.  We have guest posts lined up from writers Brandon Sanderson, David Dalglish, Stephen Nelson, Gini Koch, and Jordan Ellinger, literary agent Laurie McLean, and publisher Celina Summers.  We’ll also be hearing from some of the Fictorians, some who you’re familiar with and a couple you don’t hear from often.

June is going to be an exciting month.  We look forward to sharing it with you.