Ace Jordyn

Ann Cooney FictorianI always dabbled with writing so when I got my English degree, I became a waitress! Perfect transition! Always thirsty for knowledge, my career was varied making it look like I couldn’t hold down a job. But this world has so many cool things to experience and learn! I mean, just look at your shoe laces, aren’t they cool? And who invented them? How do they get the creamy centre into a chocolate and why does bread turn brown when it bakes? Are boogers really green?

When the English degree wasn’t enough, I got a degree in Agriculture specializing in Food Science. Science, you say! Yuck! But it was the chemistry classes which taught me how to observe and document what I saw. And knowing that gave me opportunities to be a research analyst on rural economic issues, to write business plans and even food safety plans for slaughter houses. All that after a career segment related to immigration and crime prevention!

So, now I write fantasy and mystery for young adults and “tweens.

It’s all a logical transition because I’ll never grow up and the world is as fascinating and boggling now as it was when I was a kid!  I love words. I love kids of all ages even if they’re 99! I love exploring the writing process with other writers. So welcome to my wonderful world!

Expanding your mind, exploring your world, seeing what lies beyond the present – those are the inspirations of fantasy and all speculative fiction.

I edited Shangahi Steam, an anthology which mashes Chinese wuxia fantasy and steampunk. What a wonderful array of stories we got and what a mind blowing experience! The new worlds created with such a unique perspectives on all that is important to us – life, culture, politics, philosophy and science to name a few things.

Some writing community things I’m involved with include: judging (slush pile and final selection) for IFWA’s short story contest, being on the Board of Mystery Writer’s Ink, being a panelist or making presentations plus attending conventions and seminars.

I’ve also written Painted Problems, (as Ann Cooney) a story which deals with the effects of graffiti in a community. Nearly 11,000 copies have been sold! Visit:  I’ve made presentations in Canada, United States and Bermuda on understanding graffiti issues in order to discourage youth from participating in illegal graffiti writing.