Dylan Blacquiere

Dylan has the great privilege of being a physician; as such, he knows the importance of stories. Every clinical encounter is a story, after all, and it’s only in understanding how that story relates to a patient’s health that the symptoms can be treated and the disease cured.

So it’s not really surprising that he’s passionate about stories. He’s been writing since grade school, and while medicine takes up most of his time, he’s been able to pursue some creative works, including a short story published in an anthology of medical student writing and two first prizes for short story competitions in medical school. Those small achievements don’t fill the gap entirely, however, and he has been struggling to develop his passion for writing with the realities of medical practice. With some courage and patience and wit, he hopes to be able to bridge the gap and publish his first novel soon, like so many physician-writers before him.

Dylan lives in Ottawa with his wife Mary, also a writer, and their menagerie of cats. He is currently working on his first novel, The Story Thief.