Mary Pletsch

pletschportraitMary Pletsch is a glider pilot, toy collector and graduate of the University of Huron College, the Royal Military College of Canada and Dalhousie University.  She is the author of several previously published short stories in a variety of genres, including science fiction, steampunk, fantasy and horror.  She currently lives in New Brunswick with Dylan Blacquiere and their four cats.  She also writes romance under a pseudonym.  Visit her online at


Short Stories

“Blood Runs Thicker” in the e-book edition of When The Hero Comes Home 2 by Dragon Moon Press.  Available in Epub and Kindle versions.

“The Long Haul” in Dark Bits by Apokrupha.  Available in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and Kindle.

“Ace of Hearts” in Steamed Up by Dreamspinner Press.  Available in paperback or ebook.

“Mishipishu:  The Ghost Story of Penny Jaye Prufrock” in Fossil Lake:  An Anthology of the Aberrant.  Originally by Daverana Press, now reissued by Sabledrake Enterprises.  Available in paperback or ebook.

“The Last and the Least” in Veterans of the Future Wars by Martinus Press.  Available in paperback or ebook.

“A Single Spark” in One Horn to Rule Them All:  A Purple Unicorn Anthology by WordFire Press.  Available in paperback, Kindle, and Kobo.

“On the Side of the Angels” in Kneeling in the Silver Light:  Stories from the Great War by Alchemy Press.  Available in paperback and ebook.

“Burnt Offerings” in Tesseracts 18:  Wrestling with Gods by EDGE, available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback NOW.

“Big Boy” in Beyond the Nightlight by A Murder of Storytellers.   Available in paperback or ebook.

“Red Ochre” in Fossil Lake 2:  The Refossiling by Sabledrake Enterprises.  Available in paperback or ebook.

“The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter” in Yarrr:  A Space Pirate Anthology by Martinus Press.  Available in paperback or ebook.


Forthcoming – Short Stories

“Folk Hero” in Apex Magazine, April 2016.

“Sweet William” in Shock Totem.  Coming late 2015.

“Queen of the Hidden Way” in Game of Horns:  A Red Unicorn Anthology by WordFire Press.

“The Island Way” in Tesseracts 19:  Superhero Universe by EDGE.  Coming in 2016.

“The Blood Axe” in Women in Practical Armor by Evil Girlfriend Media.  Coming in 2016.