Nancy DiMauro

I’m a trial and business lawyer living on a small horse farm outside Washington, DC with my husband, two sons and lots of animals. I’ve always written from short stories while in Girl Scout Camp to novels in high school that I am very glad can’t be retrieved from a TRS-80 disk. Of those high school novels let’s just say that I thought (and still do) that Dirk Benedict as Starbuck was wonderful.

College had me working in professional theatre at Bush Gardens, dealing blackjack, coding tax forms and working at a florist. Not all at once mind, but it was a busy four years. Maybe given the variety of the jobs I held it isn’t such a suprise that I accidently became a lawyer. How in the world could you accidently go to law school? you ask. It wasn’t easy. In my defense, when I started law school I never intended to practice law. I was going to be a forensic psychologist. To that end, I walked in cold to my law school exam (LSATS) and missed only 3 questions. I fared significantly less well on the psychology graduate exam. I was accepted to every law school to which I applied (and to which the LSATs actually sent my scores) but only two graduate psychology Masters programs. So when I went to law school it was only as a means of becoming a psychiatrist. Silly me, though, I liked law school.

I started writing fiction regularly again as a way of winding down at the end of the day. I write fantasies of all sorts from epic, to romantic, to erotic. I’m also working on an urban fantasy thriller.

I’ve garnered two Honorable Mentions from Writers of the Future and my first published short story was released on October 29, 2011 in an anthology, Women Writing the Weird, from Dog Horn Publishing. You can find it at Doghorn’s site and Amazon will have the book in May, 2012.

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