Distractions and Avoidances Conquered

…for the most part.  A little over a month ago I wrote about how I was avoiding writing.  Actively not doing my job.  And, though I failed that week in overcoming my issues.  I have since made progress.  Kylie asked for an update.  Here it is.

 At some point, a few weeks ago, I made a resolution (like for New Year’s – except I’m keeping this one) that I would wake up and write.  I would not check the insidious email distraction until I wrote for several hours first. 

 If I check the email first, then I get side-tracked by reading blogs, leaving comments in hopes of winning some prize for doing so, deleting the hundred emails I don’t have time for, answering questions, and doing tasks requested in emails.  Seriously, that can take me until noon if I’m not careful.  Then I try to write but my brain is fried from the afore-mentioned distractions, so I need a nap, and then I’m fuzzy headed and not feeling creative.  Another day gone and wasted and no writing to show for it.  Grrrr.

 But with my new resolution, if I don’t look at the email, don’t even open it until after I write, even if I don’t get back to the writing in the afternoon, I’ve accomplished my main goal of getting words on page.  HA!  Evil email and internet tool that I love, I have conquered you and I wrote despite your tempting ways. 

 Maintaining my resolution, I am working my way through my story.  Some days are more productive than others, but whether I get 600 words or 6000, I am getting closer to ‘The End’. 

How is everyone else doing?

4 responses on “Distractions and Avoidances Conquered

  1. Colette Vernon

    This is fabulous! I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s very hard to write and it takes up too much of my time if I go through email etc. in the morning. My upcoming post will touch on some of these same concepts.

  2. KylieQ

    Thanks for the update, Clancy! I *know* I let myself get distracted if I get onto the internet before writing but I haven’t yet been able to make that commitment to myself to not do it. In seeing the example you have set, I am going to have to try harder!

  3. frank

    Not much ‘writing’ on my part, although I’m finally able to focus some time to my projects. I’ve been primarily doing planning for a new story and for edits to an existing story. Expect to sit down and start writing/updating scenes this week.

    Can’t wait.

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