Zombie Fun!

The first appearance of the concept of the “zombi” was in 1916’s The Magic Island by W.B. Seabrook.

In the Vault published by HP Lovecraft in 1925 has the first appearance of a character being bitten by a zombie. It was rejected by Weird Tales for being too “gruesome”.

White Zombie, starring Bella Lugosi and directed by Victor Halperin is credited as being the first zombie film. It’s based on the same voodoo cult style zombies that appeared in Seabrook’s novel.

Things to Come by H.G. Wells was made into a movie in 1936. It was the first appearance of the zombie plague, seen later in books like Jonathan Maberry’s Dead of Night and the Resident Evil movie and videogame series.

Night of the Living Dead, written/directed by George Romero is often credited as the creation of the modern zombie.

Thriller, Michael Jackson’s 1983 music video, is one of the most famous depictions of zombies. Seriously. Everyone knows Thriller.

Zombies Ate my Neighbors is the first zombie video-game I ever played.

Happy Halloween!


2 responses on “Zombie Fun!

  1. KDAlex Post author

    Oh the days of 16 bit sprites… 🙂

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors was one of those “naughty” games I had to sneak at a friend’s house because my parents didn’t want to rot my brain.

    I think after that I hunted down Evil Dead and Night of the Living Dead, had myself a brain filled weekend.

    And then my friend’s mother, a god-fearing woman, found out what we were doing.

    I wasn’t allowed to play with them for a couple weeks.

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