Sunday Reads: 27 May 2012

We’re looking forward to June during which we will be exploring publishing options.  With guest posts from writers Brandon Sanderson, David Dalglish, Stephen Nelson and Gini Koch, literary agent Laurie McLean, and publisher Celina Summers, it’s going to be a big month.  We look forward to exploring publishing options with you.

In the meantime, here’s 10 reads worth your time:

The Undiscovered Author talks Amazon, Apple, Antitrust and You.

Speaking of Amazon, Carl Franzen discusses Amazon Ready to Lower E-book Prices In Wake of Publisher Settlement.

The New York Times explores Writer’s Cramp: In the E-reader Era, a Book a Year Is Slacking.

Heroes and explores the issue of race in romance novels with Choosing Between White, Off-White, and Beige.

Warriot Poet discusses 5 Undying Myths About Published Writers and their Eerie Powers.

Kristan Hoffman talks about Learning To Embrace My Limits.

Courtney Carpenter discusses how to Discover The Basic Elements of Setting In A Story.

Writing about an animal?  Kaitlin Ward looks at some essential elements of Animal Behaviour.

Janice Hardy discusses Fixing A Stalled Scene.

For inspiration, check out The Scale of the Universe.


Missed any Fictorians articles this week?

Guest post from Marsheila Rockwell – Tie-in Fiction

KD Alexander – Life Block

Mary Pletsch – Filing Off the Serial Numbers: Part 1 – Fan Fiction





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