Sunday Reads: 3 June 2012

Since we’re focusing on publishing options during June, this week’s Sunday Reads are all about aspects of publishing.

Boyd Morrison takes A Detour in the Publishing Journey.

MJ Rose reflects on the E vs P Debate.

Pub(lishing) Crawl discusses Bringing Your Baby To Editorial Board.

The Write Type discusses Self-Published vs Traditional: Candid Tales from Frontline Authors.

Slate asks What Will Become of the Paper Book?

Lindsay Buroker has 3 Tip for Self-Publishing Success.

Amanda Hocking discusses reasons to pursue traditional publishing in How Am I Doing Now?

Nathan Bransford discusses The Biggest Challenges in the New Era of Publishing.

Tonya Kappes asks How Bad Do You Want Success?

Failure Ahoy! examines Amazon’s Ever-Changing Algorithms.


Missed any Fictorians articles this week?

David Carrico – Anatomy of a Collaboration

Kylie Quillinan – June: Publishing Month

Guest poster Celina Summers – Different Paths to Publishing



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