Happy Birthday, Fictorians!

I have tried my hand aBirthday4t blogging many different times. Most bloggers I know have similar experiences, of starting out with a lot of fire and vigor, but then hitting long patches when the passion is missing in action. Sometimes when bloggers get to this stage, they go on hiatus. Maybe they’ll have a resurgence a year or two later. Maybe they won’t.

Creating a well-read blog is even harder, because attracting regular readers requires a lot of content, and not just a high volume but a consistent, reliable supply that fits a schedule. Well, if you’re on your own, that’s tough to pull off long-term.

After doing some research, I’ve found that the average lifespan of a blog is about 2.5 years, give or take. That average is slightly skewed by a few blogs that have been unusually successful, so it appears that the majority of blogs actually die prior to reaching their second birthday. And don’t even get me started on the viability of creating a blog about writing, as we have striven so hard to do. There are seemingly endless writing blogs out there, making it almost impossible to be seen and heard.

And yet, here we are: birthday number two.

The Fictorian Era is still around for several reasons. First of all, our dedication. It has not always been easy, and our approach and overall mission has had to change a number of times. Second of all, our numbers. Instead of trying to shoulder out some online space for ourselves by working alone, we decided to team up. You know the old adage about there being strength in numbers? It’s true. Together, we have brought together some of the best content by writers for writers anywhere on the internet. And two years into this endeavor, we’re only getting started.

I could wax philosophical all day, but I’m not the only person standing on this particular soapbox. So, pop a bottle of champagne and read on down the page to the next post, where fellow Fictorian Colette Black takes a backward look at how our little site came to be.

And don’t forget to come back every day this week. We’re going to be delivering a lot more special content to commemorate this very important milestone.

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