Mischief Managed!

What a month it’s been! Do you feel the same giddy thrill I do, freshly equipped to break the rules as you are? But I have a confession. You see, in teaching you how to break the rules, we’ve been exposing  you to a refresher on the rules themselves. I hope you don’t mind the ulterior motive. Because, you see, you shouldn’t break the rules unless you do so knowingly, understanding them inside and out and why they must sometimes be broken. You may think you’re special. You may think the rules don’t apply to you. And every so often, you may be right. But, like drinking, rule-breaking should be done responsibly, and this month’s excellent crop of posts have gone a long way in teaching you to do just that!

Special thanks as always go to our guest posters, new and old. Though I haven’t done the math, we may have had a record number this past month, and without that fresh blood, we couldn’t bring our readers the consistent quality of posts we strive for. Your enthusiasm and eagerness are inspirations to all of us regulars.

Next up is April, where Mary will take us through conflict. I’d say it sounds like an explosive theme, but I detest puns. Enjoy, readers! See you next time!

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