September is KKKKHHHHHHHAAAAaaaaaaaannnnnn! Month

No, wait. That should read, “September is Con month.” My name is Scott Eder and I’ll be your post wrangler this month for an epic series of KKKKKHHHHHHAAAAaaaannnn <cough, cough> posts (Sorry, can’t help it. I always think of Captain Kirk when I say that word.).

A Con, short for Convention, is a glorious gathering of folks interested in a similar theme(s). When I say Con, I use it as a general term to represent any kind of gathering of our people like fairs and local events, as well as the larger Comic Cons. For most of us reading The Fictorians, we’re the fandom of cool, of style, of dreamers. We are the sci-fi/fantasy/steampunk/Anime/Manga/faerie/… devotees willing to grease up and slide through shoulder-to-shoulder crowds crammed with our new best buds for a signed pic with Nathan Fillion, or to get a signed edition of Clockwork Angels from Kevin J. Anderson at the WordFire Press booth.

We are legion and we rock! But you already knew that.

As the Con season winds down, it’s time to reflect on some of the events we attended. The good. The bad. The ins and outs of the Con itself from the other side of the table. Attending a convention as a fan is one thing, but working one as a guest is an entirely different story. The posts this month will range from the details of a specific con to comparisons of events in the same geographical region to volunteering—a smorgasbord of Con-related Awesome.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the posts. Scott out.

About Scott Eder

By day, Scott is a Champion of software quality, breaking code, and squashing bugs. By night, he’s a slinger of fantastical words, creator of places and people undreamt, and smith of heroic tales. Oh, and an adviser/coach/fanatic for competitive youth bowling. Ask him about it … he dares you. Scott lives with his wife and two children on the west coast of Florida.

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