“Time Obstructive Medical Bay” – Double Nickle Story

“You can sleep forever. Isn’t that what you wanted? It’ll be the best, and only, death we could give you.”

Jesse shook her head. “I don’t want to go in the box,” she said, her small voice cracking.  

“Please, reconsider. Only the good die young, miss, and you have been alive a very long time.”

About E. Godhand

Emily Godhand is a dark thriller author who lives in Denver as Rat Queen. She is an Ambassador for Wattpad.com, where she manages the Paranormal profile: https://www.wattpad.com/user/ParanormalCommunity She utilizes her experiences working at an inpatient psychiatric hospital and as an advocate and educator for Depression and PTSD in her writing to combat stigma and support individuals with mental illnesses via representation. Ignore the Lovecraftian influence and the subsequent nightmares, put your faith in Godhand to write diverse, complex characters who manage to cheat death and come out blood-soaked and laughing.

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