Thanks For Being Adaptable

Another November is in the books, a weirdly warm one where I live, with leaves still on many trees. It’s been a great month of posts here at Fictorians. When I selected the theme, I didn’t come close to guessing the variety of topics on display. But that’s always the case when you work with such a great group of writers! My thanks to everyone who contributed posts. In particular, I want to thank our guest posters for the month: Ken Hoover, R.R. Virdi, Gama Ray Martinez, Ramón Terrell and Aubrie Nixon. I hope to see each of you back providing more great content for us in a future month!

I’d also like to single out outgoing Fictorians President Kristin Luna for praise and thanks as she finishes out her term of office and returns to the ranks of the membership. She’s done a fantastic job steering a course for us this year, keeping us on-track and growing as a blog. Anytime I needed someone to bounce an idea off of or a piece of advice, she was there to lend an ear.

Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank all the readers who dropped by for a visit each day, particularly with so many other matters clamoring for your attention this month, such as NaNoWriMo and, well, other things.

Now I’ll turn matters over to Kevin Ikenberry, who will be taking the reins in December for his Year in Review. Happy December, all!

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