New Beginnings

It’s a new year! For many people, 2016 is a year they will be glad to put in the rear-view mirror. One thing that is great about a new year is that it gives us all a chance to look ahead with optimism.

This month the Fictorians will be focused on new beginnings. Those beginnings can be of any sort, from starting a new novel, to starting a new career. One goal of the articles this month will be to give advice and guidance to people who might be struggling with their own new beginnings. Sometimes all we need is to see that we aren’t the only one dealing with something new to keep moving forward.

New beginnings can be fun, but they can also be frightening. Sometimes they can be both. Every new beginning has its own set of opportunities, even if the new beginning isn’t one that was welcome. History is full of examples of people who began new careers after failing time and again, only to find their true calling and the sort of fulfillment that doing what you love can bring.

My own situation is illustrative. I started a new career, and moved into a new house we built on the lake, so 2017 is going to be all about making a new life in a new place with new opportunities. It will be a challenge, especially at my advanced age of 57. I’m looking forward to it.

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After a degree in physics, then a 35 year career in Information Technologies, I am now focused on writing. My first epic fantasy series, "The War Chronicles" is available on

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