A guest post by Sarah Golden

A beginning can happen many times in this crazy and unpredictable story we call life. It’s all part of the journey. We end things, only to create room for a new beginning. People leave, and we leave, moving from place to place and trying to find a new start. Yet my beginning, I believe, only happened yesterday on New Years day.

That day was page 1 of 365.

Now I have a novel in front of me. How do I want to write it?

Not in fear, but in courage. Not in regret but in hope. Despite the many times I trip and fall, I am still determined to find my way. That never changed, even during the most trying times of 2016 when I felt the world crack and crumble beneath my feet. I was whisked away on a crazy ride. Unable to find the resources to change my situation, I turned to the one thing I always do when I feel lost, writing.

I started a new story. But this story was different from any of my previous projects, because I finally put my heart in something, and I decided to allow that hope, and that possibility to grow. I even shared my story, and the people who read the first three chapters told me it was amazing. I got a few useful critiques, but most of the feedback was positive, and for me, surprising.

  • “These characters are so realistic.”
  • “I can relate to them.”
  • “I can tell that you care about these characters through your writing.”

Without even realizing it, and without even expecting it, I had begun again. I finally had something to create, and every chapter I wrote helped me heal from all the pain and confusion and sadness that I had allowed to consume me.

The life of an artist is hard, they say. The life of a writer is not easy, they say. It’s true, especially during the hard times of today, but nothing could be more rewarding than having the ability to create using the voice of your own heart.

Sarah Golden is a creative writer, dreamer and reader. She loves to analyze stories and learn from every book, movie and TV show that she encounters. Inspired by mythology, folklore and fairy tales, Sarah enjoys researching the history behind timeless tales and universal themes.

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