Happy Thanksgiving

Here we are again, another Thanksgiving holiday that someone tucked into the NaNoWriMo month. Who made this schedule, anyway?

You can be sitting at 2300 words, 49999 words, or 250K, but note that it is a good thing to take a bit of time off to visit with family, watch some sportsball on the telly, and enjoy a nice meal. NaNoWriMo is a “nice to do” thing, not a “must”. So go ahead and take a bit of time off to enjoy yourself if you can.

The Fictorians are thankful for things like family, friends, enjoyable things like writing stories, attending conventions, etc. We’re also aware and have good wishes in our hearts for those who are serving in the military, near or far; those who are alone or are struggling with a mental illness; those who cannot afford to feed themselves beyond simple sustenance; and others who may be in a low point.  We ask that you think of others and try to bring some real holiday spirit to boost the end of the year. Volunteer somewhere, pick up an errant tin can and toss it in the trash, be polite to others even though everyone is frustrated from all of the early Christmas shopping deal trips. Reach out to someone you haven’t heard from them in a while.

If everything is prepped and you’re waiting for guests, feel free to jot down a few words towards NaNo. Just understand that there are more important things, so don’t neglect them just to reach an arbitrary goal for something that is transitory.

Peace and health to you and yours from all of us at the Fictorians.

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