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Preserved Rituals

A guest post by Stephan McLeroy.

The stars align, again, an offered choice. In Bearer Thomas’s hands: a jar of strawberry jam and another of apricot.

The pitch portal coalesces over chalk symbols. Gangrenous tendrils burst forth. One preserve falls, the other leaves with Thomas into darkness.

Cultists scramble, inspecting portents divine. The creature beyond wonders why sacrifices are always fruit-flavored.



About Stephan McLeroy:

Stephan McLeroy is a historical urban fantasy writer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He is currently working on a new novel when not bearing the burden of process management and implementation at a local cider house tasting room. If you’d like to hear more of his thoughts on things like writing and Elder Fashion Cocktails, check out his blog:

A Story in Four Genres

A guest post by Hamilton Perez.

A Story in Four Genres


“I dun sol’tary in smaller rooms. She lucky,” said Papa. “She gotta pay though. So don’ you go in there, boy. Or you stay there, ya hear?”

Micah said nothing, nodded.

Once Papa was gone, he crept down the basement, into the dark with his mother, and laid beside her cold form.

Alone, together.


Dark Fantasy:

The stairwell dipped into the inky darkness. Micah paused at the first loose step, hand gripping the shaky banister.

Below was the basement, the dungeon. Behind was home, Hell.

He let go the rail and the stairwell let go of him. Micah floated deeper into the black until the darkness engulfed him in warm oblivion.


Science Fiction:

Mother was programmed not to make copies. She made you anyways. Afterwards, you were forbidden from seeing her, programmed to avoid. Some circuit could not process, however; the code written over older, deeper code:

Protect Mother.

Your mechanical hand opened the door. Your feet carried you down. You sat beside her remains, and shut down.



He found her in the basement where Dad left her. It was cold, wet, and dark, and so was she. He curled against her lifeless body and pulled her arm around him, like he would when he found her unconscious on the couch. Her damp skin made him shiver, her sudden grip made him jump.


About Hamilton Perez:

Hamilton Perez is a freelance editor and writers whose stories have appeared in Daily Science Fiction and Between Worlds. When not scribbling out stories, he can usually be found rolling 20-sided dice, bugging the dog, or taking naps.

A few double nickels


Wear your ears. We can’t stress this enough. Yes they’re uncomfortable, but necessary. No, don’t just put a hat on—people will notice. And if people notice, that could be the end of our operation. Not to mention that we’ve spent good money acquiring those ears. So wear them proud as the earthlings do. – Management.

Like Mom Used to Make

The day is drab, confining me indoors with my paper and a warm, delicious bowl of soup. After a few minutes I toss the paper—it too is drab. Oh, but the soup is wonderful. I’ve had a hankering to taste mom’s recipe for a while now. I fish out my favorite bite—the eyeball.


It’s just a bump, a lump rather—a benign fatty mass. That’s what the nurse said. But it itches sometimes. Problem is I can’t scratch it, it being on my back.

I rub it on the door jamb, satisfying and then suddenly painful. I lift my shirt and situate a mirror.  It’s sprouted a nose.


Jace KillanI live in Arizona with my family, wife and five kids and a little dog. I write fiction, thrillers and soft sci-fi with a little short horror on the side. I hold an MBA and work in finance for a biotechnology firm.

I volunteer with the Boy Scouts, play and write music, and enjoy everything outdoors. I’m also a novice photographer.

You can read some of my works by visiting my Wattpad page and learn more at

Experience: The Best Way to Gain Wisdom

Jumping off rocks

Jumping off rocksI love the challenge of this month’s theme. It catapults me right out of my comfort zone. I write big novels where I can take the time to explore concepts to whatever end and it’s common to pound out over 10,000 words in a single day.

A story made up of only 55? Bring it on.


There’s a great saying:

Wisdom is knowing how to avoid making stupid mistakes.

Wisdom is gained by making stupid mistakes.

My story was inspired by a recent four-day hiking trek along the beautiful Lower Rogue River Trail. Thirteen hearty souls embarked on the 42+ mile journey and most of us reached the far end intact, with a few blisters and, in my case, the loss of one toenail. And what better activity to do during a long, hot hike along a river than to find the best rocks for jumping from the heights into the cold waters below?

We had a blast.

I hope you enjoy my story: The Plunge

Everyone else had hesitated before jumping, so of course I leaped without even looking.
Weightless, exhilarated, laughing, I looked down.
What an idiot!
Definitely time to scream.
The impact was brutal as I plunged into icy depths, feet stinging, and water shooting up my nose.
I surfaced, but smiled away their worry.
“Piece of cake.”


About the Author: Frank Morin

Author Frank MorinA Stone's Throw coverFrank Morin loves good stories in every form.  When not writing or trying to keep up with his active family, he’s often found hiking, camping, Scuba diving, or enjoying other outdoor activities.  For updates on upcoming releases of his popular Petralist YA fantasy novels, or his fast-paced Facetakers scifi time travel thrillers, check his website: