Pesky Distractions and Writing Avoidance

29 August 2011 | 7 Comments » | clancy

I admitted today, to my fellow Fictorians, that I am avoiding writing. This is the first step to recovery – I hope. There are many reasons I am not writing or not feeling creative in the least. The suspected top items probably include: too many other obligations (writing-related and not), my work space is disorganized and a disaster of clutter, and my writing is still lacking and critiques tell me so.

 My plan. I have a week before this post is due, so let’s do an experiment together. I will try a variety of things to alleviate said problems and report if they are helping – on a daily basis. I know you won’t see any of this until the week is up, but go along with me and we’ll see if it doesn’t help me and possibly you at some point in the future.

 Monday – Harsh critique has me depressed, but I have now admitted I have an avoidance problem happening, so this will be my attempt to correct the situation. I want to take a nap, go to the movies or read a book. Obvious avoidance tactics…. And I succumbed. I ended up taking a nap, watching a movie, reading and indulging in food therapy. It was ugly. But, I’m feeling less depressed.

 Tuesday – So far, still being distracted by other obligations, but I really do have to wrap up the minutes for my online board meeting. So, working on that. I’m second banana for my local Utah Romance Writers Conference coming up in October. I got a lot done on the conference program and on the minutes, but no writing. Still hopeful.

 Wednesday – Epic fail on the writing again. More board meeting, more minutes, more program. But, the minutes are done and the program is 75% done. Had an evening field trip in relation to the upcoming conference, too.

 Thursday – Honestly, I don’t know what happened today. I did some reading. Lots and lots and a painful amount of emails, as usual. I had a powwow with my critique partner about the problem with my plot. We came up with some thoughts. Discussed going back to work on another story that I’m more clear on. Ran some errands, did dishes and stuff. Alas, no writing.

 Friday – My mom was off today, so we took advantage of her three-day weekend to plan a list of outside honey-do’s that we need to get done before summer disappears. Something like thirty tasks, some small, some bigger. Then we checked our storage room for supplies, shopped for the rest and started knocking out this list. No writing. Do I sound like a broken record?

 Saturday – More Honey-do list work with an afternoon break for a class and a meeting I had to go and then back to work on the list. I am so tired. I’m thinking maybe I need to just bully my way thru on the current writing whether it’s crap or not and just finish it. I can fix it after. At least I was thinking about it today. Sigh.

 Sunday – The Honey-do list got more than half crossed off. Work around the homestead – 1 / Writing – 0.

Monday – My post is due today and it’s a new week. Last week may have a been a bad week to try and fix this problem, but I did make some headway. I got other tasks done that I needed to (writing, non, and around the house) and I feel more like stuff is off my plate so I can focus on writing. I know I should be writing every day even if it is only for fifteen minutes or something. Does my blog count? No more excuses. I will write no matter what! Having thought about it all week and waffling on how to proceed, I give the current work two hours. If I can’t write on it, I’m changing to a different story. I still need to clean and organize my writing space. I will dedicate one hour a day to getting it sorted out. I have hope for this week. Fingers crossed, ya’ll!