Sunday Reads: 13 May 2012


10 reads worth your time:


Liza Palmer has 5 Tips For Starting and Finishing Your Novel.

Janice Hardy has Four Tips On Adding A New Twist To An Old Plot.

Carly Watters talks about How Writers Build Successful Online Communities.

Rachelle Gardner has advice for a writer’s family in This Post Is For The Ones You Love.

Jonathan Gotschall explores Why Fiction Is Good For You.

Jason Boog recounts an Ohio State University study on how Fictional Characters Can Influence Real Life Actions.

Looking for a place to connect with both readers and writers?  Check out the World Literary Cafe.

And for another place to connect with readers, check out Book Blogs.

Deadman’s Tome has a horror writing contest open until the end of June.

Finally, for images and inspiration, check out Retronaut.


Missed any Fictorians articles this week?

Guest post by Dean Wesley Smith – Stop Being In A Hurry

Frank Morin – Burst Writing – Case Study

Colette Vernon – Brandon Sanderson’s Rules of Writing & Other Notes




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