Get Down to Business at the Superstars Writing Seminar


The Superstars Writing Seminar focuses exclusively on the business of writing, so you won’t hear any writing craft lectures.

I’ve attended two of them so far, in Salt Lake City (2011) and Las Vegas (2012), and they were excellent, motivating, and provided great networking opportunities.

You get to hear best-selling authors talk about how they broke in and what publishers are looking for in an author. They take you through the details of real book contracts (Eric Flint’s to be exact) and royalty statements. You’ll hear in-depth discussion of the need (or not) for an agent, the many ways to exploit your copyrights through new media, TV, and film, and practical issues such as writing ergonomics and improving productivity.

That last point was the biggest take-away for me. Superstars reset my standard of productivity waaaaay higher. When Kevin J. Anderson projects a slide showing how many books he released in only one year, one gets the picture that making a living at writing, means writing a lot of content.

If you balk at the registration fee, be assured that the value of the seminar is very high. The days are packed, and the faculty is very accessible for questions and will often join attendees during lunch breaks (or a late beer with Kevin if you’re so inclined.)

The VIP dinner ($150 add-on) is an extraordinary experience. It’s truly a unique opportunity to pepper a best-selling author with questions while enjoying top notch cuisine. If you don’t leave stuffed and inspired, it’s your own fault. If you can swing it, don’t miss it.

Another great benefit of Superstars is the community of alumni. Once you’ve registered, you get access to the private Facebook group, which always has lively discussions. Writers post questions, ask for opinions on back cover copy and cover art, post news from the publishing world, and brag when something cool happens in their career.

The deets:

Who: Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Dave Farland, Eric Flint
Guest Speakers: James A. Owen, Joan Johnston, Jim Minz (Baen), Mark Leslie LeFebvre (Kobo) | Read the faculty and guest speaker bios

What: Superstars Website | Cost: $849 before 28 Feb, $899 after (student and alumni rates available) | VIP Dinner: $150

When: May 14-16

Where: Colorado Springs, CO (Antlers Hilton, block room rates available)

Why: Because if you want to make a living with your writing, it’s time to get down to business.

About Eric Edstrom

I'm an author and songwriter from Wisconsin. I've self-pubbed two novels in The Undermountain Saga. I live in a very cool house with my wife, daughter, a Brittany dog named :Lucky (we call him Muchacho though).

3 responses on “Get Down to Business at the Superstars Writing Seminar

  1. Colette

    Of all the conventions and workshops I’ve attended, WFC and Superstars has had the most impact on my career. These are the places I’ve found the best beta readers for my books, too. Definitely well worth the money.

  2. Clancy Metzger

    So true! I attended the first two seminars (Pasadena and Salt Lake City) and was so bummed I didn’t make Las Vegas. This really is an investment in your career you will never regret. I don’t think I could enumerate all the benefits I reaped from attending this seminar. If you can only do one for the year, this should be the one!

  3. Frank Morin

    Can’t recommend Superstars enough. For serious aspiring authors, this is where you get the meat – this is where you learn what it really means to be a writer full-time, how the business works, and where the bar is really set. Went to the first one in Pasadena, and will probably go again in 2014.

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