Book Review: Upcoming Releases

Book Review:  Upcoming Releases

Step into my time machine…  Welcome to my book review in reverse.  Instead of writing about a book that I’ve read recently, I’m going to be writing a book coming out later in 2013.

But wait! you say.  Online bookstores don’t permit readers to submit reviews prior to the book’s release date!  How can this be, and can we borrow your DeLorean?  Many avid readers have experienced the tension of waiting for a hotly anticipated release to hit the shelves.  In most cases, there’s something about the author, the series or the subject matter that has these readers excited.  I’d like to share a book I’m eagerly anticipating, and some of the reasons why.

Kitty Rocks the House, Carrie Vaughn’s eleventh Kitty Norville novel (not counting the short story collection) will be released in March 2013.  Kitty-a werewolf talk-radio host with a most improbable name-is the main character of this ongoing urban fantasy series.

One of the major strengths of Vaughn’s novels is that while each book contains a satisfying plot arc, the series is also building towards a major climax.  With each book, another piece of the grand design falls into place.  Vaughn has mastered building tension not only within the novel but throughout the entire series, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.

Vaughn has also shown the growth of the main character throughout the series.  To be able to keep a character growing and evolving through so many books has been a major accomplishment.  The secondary cast are just as strong:  they are changing and growing as well.  Even minor characters from previous books show up again several books down the road, and it’s always a treat to recognize a familiar face from a past story.

The Kitty books are fast-moving and often amusing as Kitty tackles the challenge of being a werewolf and public figure, and are one of my first choices for light entertainment.

My greatest regret is that I don’t have a blue police box that I could take a few months into the future, go to the bookstore, come back and settle down with it this afternoon.


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