An Embarrassment of Riches

A lot of people assume that writing is a solitary art, but the truth is they couldn’t be more wrong. The act of writing itself may be solitary and can be blissful for that very reason, but there are always people helping the writer along, giving them the gifts they need to succeed. This month we’ve heard a lot of personal stories about the greatest gifts we’ve received as writers, and I was surprised at the amount of breadth and depth both that the posts contained. Below are links to any you may have missed, or in case you want to revisit them.

  1. A Good Mentor is a Gift from the Gods by Kristin Luna
  2. Backing by Colette Black
  3. The Friends Who Stayed by Mary Pletsch
  4. The Fan Club by Evan Braun
  5. Your Gift, Should You Choose to Accept It… by Evan Braun
  6. The Gift of a Different Path by Dylan Blacquiere
  7. The Tools You Use Can Change Everything by Clancy Metzger
  8. Mean Salvation by Ace Jordyn
  9. The Gift of Fortitude by Holly Dawn Hewlett
  10. The Gift of Scorched Earth by Gregory D. Little
  11. Blood, Sweat and Hooked on Phonics by Nathan Barra
  12. Writing Friends by Megan Grey
  13. Solitude – A Lonely Gift by Ace Jordyn
  14. The Impact of Mere Words by Gregory D. Little
  15. Feedback is a Gift by Jace Sanders
  16. One Saturday with Sean by Tristan Brand
  17. Your Book – As a Gift by Mary Pletsch
  18. Rothfuss and Praise by Matt Jones
  19. Cannot Publish in Ignorance by Frank Morin
  20. Outside, in the Office by Kevin J. Anderson

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this month’s posts as much as I did. As we close out 2013, we’ll begin 2014 with a month of posts in which we set our various writing goals for the year. I hope you’ll keep stopping by!


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