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You may have noticed that quite a few of the posts this month have mentioned Superstars Writing Seminars. There’s a good reason we keep bring up this particular seminar, other than it’s because what all of the Fictorians have in common (we have all attended at least once).  It’s because it’s a darn good conference.

Superstars is a 3-day conference that happens once a year about the business of writing. Kevin J. Anderson and his wife Rebecca Moesta organize the events and are part of the faculty. Brandon Sanderson, James A. Owen, David Farland, and Eric Flint are also faculty and partners. All will be instructors at the upcoming Superstars in February 2014.

What you need to know about Superstars Writing Seminars 2014:

And most importantly, if you are serious your writing career, this seminar is for you.

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