Taking Care of Business

For creative types, learning the business of writing and implementing marketing campaigns can be a pain. It takes years to cultivate the knowledge, and we learn it from multiple sources. At first, it may be difficult to latch on to certain things, such as legal jargon in a contract, but with practice and more exposure, the business side of writing can become as second nature as the creative side of writing.

This month, we’ve read some great posts about marketing, attending conventions, writing while working a consuming full-time job, choosing pen names, networking, cover artists, and more.  Here are the links to each post this month if you missed a post, or would like to revisit some of the great information in a post:

  1. For the Love of Words by Lisa Mangum
  2. Get on the Train by Evan Braun
  3. The Business of Promotion: When the Hero Comes Home 2 by Mary Pletsch
  4. Blogs and Your Cash by Stephan McLeroy
  5. Working with Editors by Frank Morin
  6. Beta Reading: The Book Report You Trick Your Friends and Family Into by Gregory Little
  7. Networking: Friends with Benefits by Mary Pletsch
  8. How Writing Badly Can Help Your Career by Leigh Galbreath
  9. Commissioning an Artist by Collette Black
  10. The Choosing of Names by Nathan Barra
  11. World Fantasy Convention 2013 by Nancy Green
  12. Business Plans for Writers by Ace Jordyn
  13. Being Creative While Working a Full-Time Job by Nick Ruva
  14. Get Your Fanny Out There! by Quincy Allen
  15. The Solitary Life of a Writer by Heidi Wilde
  16. Information about Superstars Writing Seminars by Kristin Luna
  17. Cultivating Fanaticism by Sam Sykes
  18. The Editing Hit List by Joshua Essoe
  19. Happy Thanksgiving by Nancy Green

Reading over the posts this month, I was thankful for every piece of information presented. Some items were new to me, and others were important for me to revisit and reevaluate. I hope you felt the same way.

I hope you continue reading next month as we continue this discussion of thanksgiving. Stay tuned!

About Kristin Luna

Kristin Luna has been making up stories and getting in trouble for them since elementary school. She especially loves young adult literature, fantasy, Nic Cage, literary fiction, magical realism, and wouldn’t even be opposed to reading yeti erotica. She has written book reviews for Urban Fantasy Magazine, writes for this very blog your eyes are glued to at this very moment, and her short stories have appeared on Pseudopod and in anthologies about unicorns and dragons published by WordFire Press. She lives in San Diego with her husband Nic and eats way too much Taco Bell. Learn more about Kristin at her website www.kristinleighluna.com.

One response on “Taking Care of Business

  1. Evan Braun

    Thanks for this summary, Kristin, and for all the great links. When seen all together like this, it’s really amazing how much ground Fictorians covered this month. Definitely one of my favorite months of content so far.

    Looking forward now to what December brings…

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