Toolbelt roundup

This month we’ve seen a huge number of tools presented to help in every phase of producing a great story, from brainstorming to writing that first draft, to producing an ebook.  The wealth of knowledge shared was simply amazing.  Some of those tools included:

Protecting your work:

Getting started, research, and choosing a writing platform:

  • Ace Jordyn shared an excellent list of How-to-Write books
  • Katie Cross shared the mind-blowing coolness of Novamind for brainstorming
  • Evan Braun discussed the treasure trove that is research with Google Street View
  • Doug Dandridge discussed the wonders of building your own sci-fi universe with Orbit Xplorer
  • Jace Kilian discussed ways to Research
  • Joshua David Bennett shared a plethora of amazing tools that can be used in world building
  • Mary talked about finding meaningful names
  • Colette shared the pros and cons of Scrivener


Generating that ebook:

  • Colette Black discussed the Magic of Jutoh


  • I shared ways to find Images without running afoul of copyright infringement
  • Emily Godhand explored using Wattpad to interact with readers in a unique and interactive way
  • Tim Reynolds shared an excellent, economical way to make a multi-use banner
  • We even fit in another great article from Guy Anthony De Marco on the tricky copyright world of DMCA
  • Greg Little discussed ways to best manage and keep track of multiple submissions
  • And Nathan Barra walked us through the process of using statistical analysis to help us target promotional and marketing efforts

I’m planning to investigate some of these and potentially add them to my writing tool belt.

Which ones intrigued or excited you the most?

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3 responses on “Toolbelt roundup

  1. Lea

    I’ve been hunting for a free program that works like Createspace’s manuscript formatting program. I test-drove it once (I don’t actually publish through them, so I didn’t feel quite right using their program) but it was amazing. When I format my manuscript for print in Word, “by hand,” so to speak, it takes hours, is boring, tedious, frustrating…well, you get the idea.
    Do you know if such a free program exists? Thanks!

  2. Frank Morin Post author


    Great question. What editing functions specifically are you looking for?

    Have you tried the demo of Jutoh? It has a pretty good editor, although I’ve used it mostly for fine-tuning projects and then for the ebook conversions.

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