Welcome to 2016!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016, and may it be your best year yet.

It’s almost cliché to open January with a “let’s come up with resolutions that we can ignore at the first sign of trouble” topic. Instead, I thought it would be a better idea to focus this month on ways you can actually achieve those writing goals of yours.

We’ll have a wide range of items to help you make January a success. Articles include:

  • Software to help your productivity.
  • Personal methods working authors employ to get their projects completed.
  • Motivation and tips for those days when your muse was out getting hammered at the local watering hole last night.
  • Setting and reaching reasonable and achievable goals.
  • Suggested non-fiction books (and reviews) that are worth your time.
  • Tips for plotting your next book, and tips for winging it.
  • …and plenty more!

Guests this month include Petra Klarbrunn, Stant Litore, and Annik Valkanberg.

In 2016 the Fictorians will debut a monthly author interview series. The project will debut on January 29th, the last weekday of the month. You can expect a new interview monthly.

Tune in every weekday for a new article focusing on the writing lifestyle. Let’s go!

One response on “Welcome to 2016!

  1. John M Olsen

    I used to always consider New Year’s Resolutions a clichéd waste of time. One day it struck me that I was mocking the arbitrariness of setting goals on January 1st while failing to set goals any other time. I realized the power of using the beginning of the year as a symbol of renewal, progress and change, and haven’t looked back.

    Thanks for your efforts to help aspiring and struggling writers like me!

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