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When Torcs Fly – Celebrating a Launch

When Torcs FlyIt seems we don’t get nearly enough days to celebrate a completed project. We work for weeks, months, and sometimes even years to release a book worthy of our fans. The celebration is never big enough or long enough, but there’s nothing like holding a new book in your hands (even if it’s a kindle copy).

Today is a celebration day!

When Torcs Fly – a Petralist novella – released in ebook form Marcy 30th!

It will release in paperback in May.

Tomas and Cameron enjoy good insults as much as they enjoy great bash fights. These elite fighters and determined goofballs have an unbreakable streak of disrespect and contempt for authority. Even the mighty Captain Rory depends on them.

Their places were not always so secure.

Rewind a few years to the day they first try to win acceptance into the Fast Rollers special-forces company. Their brawn-over-brains approach is exactly the wrong way to make the attempt, and chances of making the team are less than winning a kiss from an angry pedra.

With their most cherished dreams on the line, these two bash fighters must risk thinking deeper thoughts, learn to work together against a band of crafty Grandurians, and prove they’re smarter than the average torc.

Fans of fast-paced, humorous fantasy will love this hilarious adventure.

Check out When Torcs Fly, along with the main Petralist series on Amazon,

or on my website.

Petralist Series 1-3


No Stone Unturned – Launch Weekend!

No Stone UnturnedSome days it’s fun to simply celebrate a big milestone.

This weekend, No Stone Unturned charged onto the world ebook scene, already hitting #17 in Amazon’s Humorous Fantasy listing.

No Stone Unturned is book three of my popular Petralist YA fantasy series, which I describe as Big Magic, Big Adventure, and Lots of Humor. Check it out here. It’ll be released in paperback and hardcover formats on Dec 16th.

As student armies clash in intense group battles and Connor struggles to leverage a pitifully underpowered army against overwhelming competition, the intrigue at the Carraig intensifies to deadly new levels.

There are secrets at the Carraig buried for centuries that could shake the nation to its roots. Once Connor pokes that hornets’ nest, the Tallan’s own fury will be unleashed. To survive, Connor must outsmart conniving noble houses, dodge international assassins, survive unbelievably bad poetry, and risk exploring new powers that were concealed for very good reasons.

As the conflict escalates and his ultimate enemy steps out of the shadows to strike, Connor must face a threat not seen since the Tallan Wars. Connor’s best hope may be to embrace the thing he fears the most.

And become the ultimate unclaimed.

For more information, access to cool illustrations and maps and a sneak-peek into a sample chapter, check out this recent blog post.

Quartzite Bird Marble fist Soapstone Cubes

About the Author: Frank Morin

Author Frank MorinA Stone's Throw coverFrank Morin loves good stories in every form.  When not writing or trying to keep up with his active family, he’s often found hiking, camping, Scuba diving, or enjoying other outdoor activities.  For updates on upcoming releases of his popular Petralist YA fantasy novels, or his fast-paced Facetakers sci-fi time travel thrillers, check his website:  www.frankmorin.org

Adventures in Zookeeping

Adventures in Zookeeping, an anthology that will support MileHiCon Denver with the net proceeds, was released on October 28, 2016.

Adventures in Zookeeping CoverAt MileHiCon 47, several authors, publishers, and editors headed a panel called So You Want to Be in an Anthology? The audience selected the theme for the anthology, and only the people who attended the panel were eligible to submit short stories for publication. The authors would experience having their manuscript run through the editing process and receiving a contract.

ISBN: 978-1-62225-198-8
Cover design by Sam Knight
Available on Amazon now, with other markets and eBooks to follow.

The Contributors:

Edited by Sam Knight

  • Foreword – Sam Knight
  • Zookeeper’s Dilemma – Beverly Coutts
  • Eternity’s Ark – J.L. Zenor
  • The Jeweled Black Quaver – C.S. Peterson
  • Bound by Death – Ashley Vasquez
  • Picket Line – Sheila Hartney
  • The Corpse Flower – Carolyn Kay
  • So Who Would You Tell? – Aylah Foureste & Deena Larsen
  • The Niwotlei Fund Raiser – Ian Brazee-Cannon
  • Nightmare Menagerie – Jessica Lauren Gabarron
  • Plant a Zoo & Watch It Grow – Aaron Spriggs
  • The Menace of Markenshire – N. Alan Miller
  • Love Hunters – Rod Spurgeon
  • Ari’s Song – Rick Duffy
  • All in a Day’s Work – Tonya L. De Marco
  • Sanctuary – Susan Adams
  • A Tale of an African Zoo – Sean Jones
  • The Glass Fairy – Sage Gabarron
  • The Lost Phoenix – Jodi M. Franklin
  • The Looking Glass – Patrick F. Smythe
  • The ReligioZoo – Lisa Mahoney
  • The Fourth Lemur – Sarena Ulibarri
  • Monsters of Yesterday – Alicia Cay
  • Afterword – Guy Anthony De Marco

Book Launch: Veterans of the Future Wars

VFWCoversm All’s fair in love and war…and sometimes, the last thing you can do for your loved ones is to take up their cause as your own.

VFW: Veterans of the Future Wars is out now from Martinus Publishing. I’m honoured to be part of this military science fiction anthology assembled as as tribute to veterans. 10% of profits will be donated to Disabled American Veterans.

And so, my second post this month isn’t about love and murder. It’s about love and war. It’s about the love that soldiers have for the women and men in their units: their brothers and sisters in arms, the people they live with, work alongside, fight with…and all too often die with. And it’s about a young misfit who realizes, a little too late, that her comrades in arms are the family she’s never had.

What do you do when the only person to look out for you, the only person to really care about you, is taken away from you in a sudden, shocking act of war–before you’ve had a chance to appreciate what she’s done for you? For a young spacer named Jan, she finds herself honour-bound to become the soldier her unit commander always believed she could be. But her greatest enemy isn’t the Colonials who attacked her ship; it’s the devastating emotional aftermath of being a survivor, and that war may continue long after the Colonials lay down their arms.

Jan’s story, entitled “The Last and the Least,” is one of 16 short stories in VFW: Veterans of the Future Wars.  If you’d like to see an excerpt from the story and read a little more about the inspiration for this tale, you can check out my author interview at Three Cents Worth.

You can order your digital copy for Kindle of VFW: Veterans of the Future Wars from Amazon, or order a paper copy directly from the publisher.   Prepare to explore the Future Wars – and honour those who have fought before.