Sunday Reads: 22 April 2012


Another week gone, and here’s 10 sites worth your time.


Steve Feasey takes a stab at answering the eternal “what do you do when you’re not writing” question.

Constance Hale talks about Make-or-Break Verbs (and, yes, I do feel like I should have used a stronger verb there!)

Over at Wistfully Linda, there’s a discussion about Reading and Writing Negative Reviews.

And on a similar note, Sierra Godfrey talks about the damage 1-star reviews can cause.


A few upcoming events worth checking out:

Superstars Writing Seminar, Las Vegas, April 30 – 2 May

Agent Reads the Slush Pile, a webinar by Kristin Nelson, May 2

DFW Writers’ Conference, Dallas, May 19-20

Book Expo America, June 4-7, New York City

World Fantasy Convention, Toronto, November 1-4


And, finally, check out the Pens for Paws Auction which kicks off on May 7.








2 responses on “Sunday Reads: 22 April 2012

  1. Angelica R. Jasckson

    Oh, thank you for the shout out for the Pens for Paws Auction! We’re going to have some great items up for bid.

    P.S. My first book, Spirits from the Vasty Deep, is a YA historical set in the 1850s. I live in the Mother Lode area of California, so that was an important chapter in our history.

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