Year in Review

Oh boy. Do I really want to go over the entirety of my journey? Can’t I just brush it aside and forget it ever happened?

Well…no. There were some really good things this year. Things like the release of my first novel, getting into the Epic Fantasy Storybundle, my Monster Hunter Files story being well received. There have been a a lot of really great things this year for me as an author. But what I mostly remember about this year was my failure to accomplish my main goal — take better care of myself.

I won’t go into a tale of personal woe. The short of it is that this year did not go as planned and it was all around much harder to find the time and energy to get anything done that I wanted or needed to. I think the only thing that did go as planned was that I learned how to use Dragon and that with my acupuncturist’s help my arthritis pain is the lowest it’s been in years. Too bad the rest of my life isn’t falling into line. But there is still hope for next year. Onward and upward, right?

2 responses on “Year in Review

  1. Bryan Fagan

    Congrats on your writing success but a thumbs down on not taking care of yourself. Healthy living is a priority. You can’t write if you’re dead. Bumper Sticker! Or could it be a book title?

    Anyway, please take care of yourself. I love my favorite pizza and beer any old day but only in moderation. Get a little exercise, eat healthy stuff and give us more stories.

    1. Kim May Post author

      I appreciate the advice but diet and exercise weren’t what I referred to. I have early onset osteoarthritis and the chronic pain and fatigue are difficult to deal with. For me taking better care of myself entails getting plenty of rest and not doing too much — which my day job makes a very difficult task.

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