Steamed Up Anthology Virtual Launch (Marketing in Action!)



It was the better part of a year ago when I signed up to organize a Fictorians month around the topic of “Marketing and Promotion.”   At that time I was still unpublished, in the phase of my career where I sent out submissions and hoped for the best.  I’d chosen the Marketing and Promotion topic in the hopes of gaining knowledge for that far-off time when I’d have something of my own to promote.  Little did I know that by the time October 2013 arrived, I would have it…

So here’s an opportunity to see a Virtual Book Launch in action.  Tomorrow, Sunday October 27, myself and other contributors to Dreamspinner Press’ Steamed Up Anthology will be on the Dreamspinner Press Blog to celebrate a virtual book launch.  We’ll be providing background on our steampunk stories, excerpts, chat and more!  Visit us at

My contribution to Steamed Up is “Ace of Hearts”:  All Aeroplane Mechanic First Class William Pettigrew ever wanted was to fly, but due to an old eye injury, he can only maintain the aircraft and fantasize about the pilots. When Captain James Hinson,  war hero and dirigible flying ace, joins the squadron, William catches his eye. But William lacks the confidence to see James’s overtures as anything but friendly interest in his innovations. Then James is shot down over enemy territory, and for William that changes everything. The time has come for him to choose: believe in himself and fly or lose forever the man whose heart he hopes to win.

Join me in celebration of an era of zeppelin aces, clockwork cavalry and mechanical marvels…in an age of high adventure!

Steamed Up is now available in paperback:

or Ebook:

Hope to see you there!

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